Symptom Tracker


Thank you for helping this community initiative!

This Unlocking Australia Community Symptom Tracker allows you to provide information about your health during the COVID-19 pandemic. Once you enter your data, you will be prompted to update the information on a daily basis. The data will be analysed by PHIDU (Public Health Information Development Unit) to help inform patterns of health as they develop over time, including in local communities.

PHIDU will be publishing frequent reports and analysis of the accumulated data, including that of your local community.

If you experience major symptom changes at any time call your doctor and if your symptoms are life threatening, call 000 immediately.

Unlocking Australia is a collaboration between Immunisation Coalition, PHIDU (Public Health Information Development Unit) and Biz Hub Australia.

Your data will be held on a secure database in Australia. Click to view more information on privacy and other FAQs.

Thank you for participating and contributing to our understanding of this disease and its impact on the wider Australian community.

By using this app, you consent to your de-identified information being used for research and for the findings to be published on this website and used in future research and publications.